~ HEATHER ~ - Tarot Practitioner, Psychic, Shamanic Healer, Teacher
~ Life is a Journey - Travel it Well ~
I invite you to step inside these pages and discover a different world, a different way to lead your life and a different path to self discovery and healing.
Based in the New Forest/Greater Southampton areas of the U.K., I am a qualified Tarot reader and teacher with over 20 years experience. 
I live and work within the beauty of the New Forest.  The ancient forest has many magical pathways ~ many of them I have explored on my Spiritual journey. Yet many remain unknown, untrodden and secret.  I draw upon this quiet, ancient Spirit in my work, allowing the gentle flow of energy that emanates from deep within the forest to help and guide me.
I have also studied Shamanism for over 20 years and I am a Master level practitioner and teacher.
In 2004 I was granted honorary membership of the Wind Clan, Overhill Nation of Cherokee Descendants, Virginia, USA, by Chief Blue Wolf Kicking Bear.
I use my psychic ability, knowledge, Shamanic training and wisdom when conducting a Tarot reading, Shamanic Healing, interpreting dreams, a Meditation session and during any my workshops.
The appearance of things change according to the emotions,
and thus we see magic and beauty in them,
while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.
~ Kahlil Gibran ~